IN Surf Philosophy

Through IN Surf

we want to facilitate an empowering community where women can develop, both physically and mentally, as surfers and in general, and share their experiences with each other.

Why IN Surf?

IN Surf was founded based on the idea that surfing is so much more than standing up correctly and doing a perfect bottom turn. Learning to surf is also understanding yourself. Through surfing you will be faced with your habits, strategies and emotions on a new level and you will find that you need to develop yourself mentally alongside your surfing progress.

Imagine yourself surfing with the surf instructor from hell, with huge expectations, that tells you off for any little mistake you make and any hesitation. Who would yell at you and call you stupid when you mess up.


Then imagine yourself surfing with your best friend, laughing together, supporting each other and cheering each other on.


When are you having the most fun? When are you catching the most waves? When do you feel good about yourself and your surf?


Now think about the voices in your head when you pull off a wave or mess up something you can usually do, in front of a crowded lineup. Or when you get scared and don’t go on the wave everyone told you to go for. Are the things you say to yourself more like your friend or the mean instructor?

We believe that through the enthusiasm and support from a girls crew you will feel better about yourself, and combining it with theory will help you maintain this confidence also after the camp.


We want you to experience the exhilarating rush that surfing can be, without having to judge and feel bad about every little mistake or wave you don’t catch. If you don’t judge yourself it doesn’t matter if you mess up and if it doesn’t matter that you mess up you will take more chances. With a crew of supporting girls around you, you are much more likely to feel confident enough to push your limits.


Jan Kabbat-Zin