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The schedule


This is IN surf retreat Norway


Our schedule will revolve around tide, swell, and weather and your days will be filled with surf, surf theory, photo analysis, IN sessions and yoga. There will also be options for hiking, stand up paddle boarding and photo safaris.  The accommodation is in a beautiful beach house in shared rooms – privates are available upon request. We allow 16 ladies on this retreat and you will be divided into small groups of 8 for surfs and theory. This is to accommodate different levels.
All Norway retreats include:

  • Accommodation
  • 2 surfs a day, 1 with instruction and one free surf to practice
  • Photo analysis sessions and all your photos to keep
  • 3 IN sessions and daily Group sessions
  • Surf theory
  • 2 Yoga sessions
  • All meals

Not included


  • Equipment – if you have your own suit and board, that’s great!
  • Travel there and back
  • Travel insurance


The IN sessions

This is where we dive into our minds and work on understanding why we are holding ourselves back and what we can do to cheer ourselves on in stead. Understanding what happens in our head is the key to doing something about it. You will become aware of how you sabotage yourself and you will learn strategies to change your defaults from sabotage to support. In the IN sessions we work both individually and together as a group and you will learn from the experiences of the rest of the group as well you own.

The Group sessions

Every day we get together as a group and talk about our expectations and goals for the day. This is your chance to let everyone know if you are feeling apprehensive about the incoming swell, if your confidence is on the low from the last session or if you’re just super excited. Through sharing this we can give each other the right support for the day, and with a bunch of girls having your back, that low confidence can turn around pretty quickly.

Getting to Hoddevik

Voted one of the top ten most beautiful surf locations in the world, far away from crowds and traffic, Hoddevik in Norway is a bucket list destination for any surfer. The 2km long white beach is hidden between majestic mountains plunging straight into the crystal clear ocean, giving you a true sense of how small we are and how great nature is.


As for all magical surf spots, getting here is a part of the journey. We will try to link people up to make it as cheap and efficient as possible for everyone. There are a few options:


You can fly in to Oslo, Gardermoen and catch the bus (9 hours) from Oslo airport to Maurstad and we can help you organize a taxi from Maurstad. If it turns out someone is driving from the Oslo area around the same time, they can pick you up from the airport too.


You can fly to Bergen and catch the boat from Bergen to Selje. It’s a beautiful 5-hour trip. We can help organize a taxi from Selje.


You can also fly to Sandane or Ørsta Volda (Via Oslo airport Gardermoen if you come from abroad) and rent a car for the 2,5-3 hours drive to Hoddevik. The drive is absolutely beautiful.


Coming from Oslo, the bus to Maurstad or a car are the best options.


Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

“You can definitely get places without bravery or risk taking. I am just not sure they are places you would actually want to go. That’s all.”

What’s your level?

Catching your first waves


If you haven’t surfed before, or just tried once or twice, this is the group for you! The only requirement for joining is that you want to challenge yourself and that you enjoy spending time in the water. The beginner group has max 2 ladies to one instructor.


You will learn the basics of surfing from qualified instructors during the day and share your experiences with the other ladies in the evenings, while learning to make sense of it all in the head space sessions. We guarantee you will experience accomplishment, inspiration, support and strength during your stay at IN Surf 1st waves.

Mastering the Line up


This camp is for you if you have surfed a little or a lot before and have gotten to the stage where you are at least trying to catch green waves on your own. The focus in this group is mainly how to increase your wave count and feel confident in the water. What happens in your head when you sit on your board and watch other people catch waves in stead of doing it yourself?


In addition to boosting your confidence you will learn to analyse your technique from watching photos of yourself so that you can be your own coach after you leave.