Klara’s IN surf camp experience

I found that IN surf camp really is tailored for gaining confidence in the surf. I got to analyze what fears I have that are stopping me from becoming the surfer I want to be. I learned that I’m capable of doing so much more than I think. That resulted in me catching tons of waves, even though the size of the waves, the rocky bottom and the crowds were way out of my comfort zone. It is nice and easy to stay in the comfort zone but the question is if that’s were I want to be? By facing my fears I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and pushing my limits – that’s when I’m growing.


The great coaches at IN surf camp and the follow-up on land (photos, theory, IN sessions) is so unique and allowed me to enjoy the surf even more. I have never really learned surf-theory before and both the general theory session and the one about the crowd was really helpful. The photo analysis sessions were an awesome way for me to understand what I am doing in the water, and I learned a lot from that.


I also learned how my personality and way of handling things is the same in the surf as in my life. The way we learned how to set goals is something I will continue doing in my surf and maybe also in other areas.


This is more than a normal surf camp! It gives you so many tools to use in your own surf. You will learn about your fears in the surf and how to turn them into strengths, which will improve your confidence in the surf. You will also improve your technique from great coaching in the water and on land. Finally, you will realize how much you can learn from each other in a group and the girl-power in an IN surf camp is a confidence boost in itself!!

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