The big picture

Being a part of something bigger – our social responsibility

When you travel you are a guest in someone else’s culture. What are you bringing to the table?

As a surfer, you probably travel and as a traveler you are a guest in someone else’s culture. Being mindful and respectful of that is what will give you the most unique and authentic experiences. At IN Surf we take our social responsibility seriously and one of our main values is belonging. We want to be a part of the community surrounding us, we want our guests to feel accepted and integrated with what is going on and we want the local community to see us as a natural and beneficial presence. We employ, produce and eat locally as well as supporting good initiatives in the area. You can read more about the things we do on the blog.

  • Meet Iluh and Bintang!

    Iluh lives in a nearby village with her husband, their son Bintang and her husband’s parents. She helps support the family by doing some small sewing projects on her sewing machine that she inherited from her mother. She is the one making the signature towel......

  • The Medewi boardriders

    The Medewi Boardriders is the core of the local surfing community in Medewi. It is a non-profit surfing organization running local contests year round. They are supporting their members to compete around Indonesia and putting on weekly beach cleanups and CPR courses. The Medewi boardriders......