The Medewi boardriders

The Medewi Boardriders is the core of the local surfing community in Medewi. It is a non-profit surfing organization running local contests year round. They are supporting their members to compete around Indonesia and putting on weekly beach cleanups and CPR courses. The Medewi boardriders are leading the vibe in the water, keeping it friendly and civilized and their brotherly support for each other and their care for all the visitors to Medewi really is inspiring.


Supporting local surf communities is a part of being a surfer and a way of showing appreciation for sharing waves and knowledge. If you paddle out by yourself in Medewi with an open mind, respect and a smile on your face, you will find that the local community will embrace you and share their knowledge in a way that you won’t find in many other spots.


During our camps we participate in the MBR beach cleanups, support the local contests when they are on and part of your camp cost includes a financial contribution towards their different activities such as rubbish management systems, grom training programs for the kids, first aid training, budgets for participating in contests and contest prices. If you want to support them further, they sell really awesome MBR t-shirts at the Point, a great souvenir to take back home, or your next surfing t-shirt!


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