11 days of surfing and Girl Power, yes please! – Zee’s IN Surf Camp experience

After surfing for two years and feeling a bit stuck in my head and with my progression (or rather the lack thereof), this camp couldn’t have crossed my path at a better time. I realized I had lost a big chunk of my confidence in the past couple of months because I was thinking negatively and it started affecting my surfing. I was not truly enjoying my sessions sometimes.


The IN program

Being absolutely focused on just surfing and my fears and writing things down has been useful to understand more what I need to work on and how I can tackle my problems. What helped most is seeing the ‘quicksand’ effect of negative thinking and how not “being my own best friend” can put me down so much that I completely stop believing in myself. Those little reminders really helped to be aware of my thought patterns in the water and to switch my mindset.

I often see only the bigger picture and it can freak me out, so the tool of breaking one goal up into smaller ones, makes it less overwhelming and easier to actually reach a goal.


The group

It has been so empowering and inspiring to share this experience with just women, all from completely different backgrounds. The fact that we all came together to work on the same things and encouraged each other is such a beautiful thing. I forgot what it felt like to get goose bumps after a perfect, long reeling wave – in 30°C weather, that says something!

I loved the support and positivity in the group. There was a constant light hearted vibe but at the same time we were focused and really working on ourselves. GIRL POWER!


Why IN Surf Camp is different

This camp is exactly what you need if you feel like your fears and thoughts are holding you back from reaching your surfing goals. It will make you understand yourself more, open your eyes and teach you how to be a better, more confident surfer. All in great company of a supporting group of women.

It was the perfect combo of physical and mental learning for me. The full-on program is integrated with the IN Sessions and Group Sessions which makes it intimate, because everyone can open up about their personal experiences and this helps everyone learn.


And by the way…

The food is great too, we got fresh home cooked every day with enough variation and healthy options. And endless coconuts..?! Heaven! The coaches are very professional, they are hilarious and amazing surfers with so much energy! With their ocean knowledge they made me feel safe in the water at all times. They helped me get some unforgettable lefthanders. I hope to come back soon and do it all over again!


– Zee –


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